With body language and gestures you can always infer that someone likes you! This is most likely to happen to women. How do they do it?



How do you know if girl really likes you?

1.The girl plays with her hair, she wraps around her fingers.
2. Girl bites her lips. If she’s licking her lips or biting them, she wants you!

3. The girl touches you. Of course, gently, in spontaneous situations. Eg. when she says something to you, etc. It’s also a sign that she likes you!

4. She laughs at your jokes. If she’s laughing at your jokes, you’re gold. So, keep calm and natural.

5. She asks about your personal life. If she’s wondering about your family, how many brothers you have.

6. She tries to get your attention!

7. The girl wants to introduce you to her friends, family etc. If something happens – you need to know that she likes you!

8. Less distance. If she’s squeezing herself in beside you, or sitting on your lap, then that’s a pretty solid sign. If a girl isn’t interested in you there is no way she would put herself on your lap.

Now you know when to suspect that something is going on!
source: lovepanky.com, unsplash.com