Often, make-up products irritate our skin. Besides, they always have some kind of substance in them.


Would not it be better to replace them with natural methods?




1. Castor oil and base oil method – Castor oil in combination with base oil dissolves dirt. This method is recommended for any type of skin, although some people with oily skin and acne acne complain that it increases the shine.


2. Glove for make-up – The glove uses ultra-thin microfibre in the shape of an eight-pointed star, which in combination with water cleanses the makeup. During the wash, the microfibre penetrate the skin, collecting dirt particles, but they do not irritate the epidermis like a normal towel. Glove for make-up removal does not require additional cosmetics.


3. Saline – In action it resembles micellar fluid, but it is much more delicate. Recommended for those who like cost-effective makeup. Place the salt on the swab and wipe the face until completely clean. In combination with marigold extract or chamomile will act like a tonic.


4. Honey and baking soda – This is a way of peeling, which thoroughly cleanses the sebum and the foundation from the face. 2 teaspoons of honey are mixed with a little bit of soda and then put on a cotton swab. Unfortunately, this method is not suitable for eye make-up because the sodium could irritate the eyes.



Maybe you will try one of these ways? It will be healthier and more pleasant for your skin! Enjoy 🙂



source: wellnessmama.com, dontwastethecrumbs.com