Acne affects people not only in adolescence but also in older people.


Remember that when acne takes a strong form, you consult it with your doctor. If, however, our acne is light, to inhibit the development of the disease and keep the skin in the best condition, we should adhere to the basic principles of skin care with problems.
When selecting cosmetics for acne, we should take into account the ingredients that appear in them. You should focuse on:


  • Zinc Oxide: It absorbs excess sebum that is secreted by the sebaceous glands and helps the sebaceous gland to relax. It has antibacterial properties and accelerates wound healing; propolis: substance produced by bees with bactericidal and fungicidal action


  • Benzoyl peroxide: has an exfoliating and antimicrobial effect. In addition, it limits the process of melanogenesis, so it is useful in reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation;


  • sulfur: has an antiseptic effect.



When the skin is dry, take a break in the preparation and even use a moisturizer (not greasy). In this way we will moisturize the skin and restore it to proper hydration and hydration. Acne skin is sensitive and overactive, so avoid the perfumed creams. Some hair cosmetics may also be irritating