Every woman dreams of a body like Adriana Lima or Bella Hadid. Victoria’s Secret Angels train a lot to have such a beautiful body on the runways. But how do they do it ?!


Victoria’s Secret training is to strengthen the legs of the angels – to strengthen the inner side of the thighs, to slim down the calves, to make them more muscular. Therefore, during the training of Victoria’s Secret is mainly used pilates, ballet and kickboxing. This type of activity was especially liked by Kate Upton – American Angels. Victoria’s Secret angels have flat and gently muscled belly. The secret of their training is to train the deepest muscles. Victoria’s Secret angels not only enjoy slim and long legs but also firm breasts and slender shoulders. Exercises for buttocks are also important! Here is the whole mystery of beautiful appearance!


Look at this amazing workout with beautiful Adriana Lima!






source: YouTube.com