The vocalist appeared on the pink wall yesterday at the Billboard event. She was accompanied by her friend Francia Raisa, who a few months earlier saved the life of the singer by giving her kidney for transplantation.


This time the stylists of Selena didn’t show up. Star looks old and unfashionable! See for yourself:





What do you think?




     According to research, the percentage of Muslims in German society is expected to rise drastically. The US Pew Research Center published the report.

According to various data in Germany, there are currently between 4.4 million and 5 million Muslims (about 4 percent of 82.7 million people). With the option of stopping migration to Germany from Muslim countries immediately, the number of Muslims in Germany in 2050 may rise to almost 6 million. Thus, the percentage of Muslims in Germany can reach 6.1-8.7 percent.

Depending on the scenario adopted in 2050, the total proportion of Muslims in Europe may range from 7.4 to 14.0 percent.

Are you for or against?





    Her name is Sahar Tabar and she did over 50 plastic surgeons to look like her idol – Angelina Jolie.


The woman comes from Iran. It looks like a nightmare! Sahar looks like a horror character and really, at times it is hard to believe that we are looking at a picture of a living human.


See for yourself:



What do you think? For us, it’s really scary!


    Residents of North Carolina are looking for girl Mariah Kay Woods, who will not disappear on Monday night from his home.


Mom explains that around 23:00 on Sunday she put her daughter to bed and the girl was asleep. The last person to see a baby is Earl Kimrey, who lives with them. Girl woke up at 12. The man then told her to go back to his room to sleep.

According to the father of the child, Mariah was abducted or accidentally left home.” I do not think she would have left home alone – told Mariah’s dad. FBI and NCIS are involved in the searching. 





What could have happened?



     Anthony Senerchia invented the popular „Ice Bucket Challenge”. It was he who inspired the whole world to pour a bucket of cold water, gathering money for the fight against ALS. He died for 14 years and died on Saturday.


‚He was a fireball that tried everything in life. He worked without rest to raise awareness about ALS. He was directly responsible for the world famous challenge. ‚  – such words we can find directly in the obituary of a man.

Anthony Ice Bucket Challenge became very popular in 2014. Only in the United States managed to raise as much as $ 115 million, and in just two months.

The man was 46 years old.







     With body language and gestures you can always infer that someone likes you! This is most likely to happen to women. How do they do it?



How do you know if girl really likes you?

1.The girl plays with her hair, she wraps around her fingers.
2. Girl bites her lips. If she’s licking her lips or biting them, she wants you!

3. The girl touches you. Of course, gently, in spontaneous situations. Eg. when she says something to you, etc. It’s also a sign that she likes you!

4. She laughs at your jokes. If she’s laughing at your jokes, you’re gold. So, keep calm and natural.

5. She asks about your personal life. If she’s wondering about your family, how many brothers you have.

6. She tries to get your attention!

7. The girl wants to introduce you to her friends, family etc. If something happens – you need to know that she likes you!

8. Less distance. If she’s squeezing herself in beside you, or sitting on your lap, then that’s a pretty solid sign. If a girl isn’t interested in you there is no way she would put herself on your lap.

Now you know when to suspect that something is going on!

   Many people confuse her with actress Jennifer Lawrence. They are almost the same!



Alexia Maier, 17, says she is approached by strangers who mistake her for the star. People have asked her for autographs refusing to believe she isn’t the real deal. She is from Florida. Alexia is model. Wow, look at this similarity!





Acne affects people not only in adolescence but also in older people.


Remember that when acne takes a strong form, you consult it with your doctor. If, however, our acne is light, to inhibit the development of the disease and keep the skin in the best condition, we should adhere to the basic principles of skin care with problems.
When selecting cosmetics for acne, we should take into account the ingredients that appear in them. You should focuse on:


  • Zinc Oxide: It absorbs excess sebum that is secreted by the sebaceous glands and helps the sebaceous gland to relax. It has antibacterial properties and accelerates wound healing; propolis: substance produced by bees with bactericidal and fungicidal action


  • Benzoyl peroxide: has an exfoliating and antimicrobial effect. In addition, it limits the process of melanogenesis, so it is useful in reducing post-inflammatory hyperpigmentation;


  • sulfur: has an antiseptic effect.



When the skin is dry, take a break in the preparation and even use a moisturizer (not greasy). In this way we will moisturize the skin and restore it to proper hydration and hydration. Acne skin is sensitive and overactive, so avoid the perfumed creams. Some hair cosmetics may also be irritating



    Indian doctors removed 12 pounds of metal objects in his stomach. Maksood Khan, 28, and rickshaw driver from Satna district in the central state of Madhya Pradesh, was admitted to Sanjay Gandhi Hospital on November 19.

The man complained of stomach ache. X-rays showed a number of foreign objects in the patient’s stomach. It’s shocking!

How did they get there?

„After the general examination, he found that he had an infection in the abdomen and low blood pressure,” he said. Priyank Sharma, who led the surgery, told CNN.

Everything was removed from the man’s stomach. But what made the items there? The family of the man claims that it was the mental illness he was suffering from.